Possible Job Scams & Affiliated Companies

Below are a few companies that are affiliated and have changed names numerous times although they are the same company. If a company is doing well (i.e. Farmer’s Insurance Company) you want people to join the workforce, purchase a franchise and keep the same name. Ever wonder why the “same” company has so many different names? You be the judge.

 If you have any information about other affiliated companies, please let me know so that I can add them.

 Company 1

References: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff188220.htm

Cornerstone – www.cornerstonehealth.com
HealthMarkets – www.healthmarkets.com
Mega Life

Company 2

References: http://www.100insurers.com/wwwboard/messages/6177.html

World Financial Group

World Marketing Alliance

Company 3

Refernces: http://www.corporatenarc.com/WorldLeadershipGroupScam.php

World Leadership Group

World Lending Group

Company 4

References: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff161233.htm


Also, take a look at the clientele of all these companies. They are all the same.

Advertising Endeavors – www.marketbaltimore.com
Venture Marketing Solutions – www.venturemarketing-dc.com
Distinctive Marketing Solutions, Inc – www.dmsbaltimore.com
Phoenix Promotional Group – www.phoenixpromotionsinc.com
Platinum Promotions, Inc – www.platinum-promo.com
Elite Marketing, Inc – www.elitemarketingco.com
The Marketing Group Online – www.themarketinggrouponline.com
The Marketing Group – www.sfmarketinggroup.com
Capital Promotional Advertising Inc. – www.capital-adv.com
Cydcor – www.cydcor.com

Elite Marketing International Inc.
Bellstar Promotions Inc.
Atlantic Consultants International
KGV Advertising
WRS Promotions
Tri-Ad Promotions

The Advertising Group
Advanced Advertising Concepts
TL Advertising
Concorde Marketing Solutions Inc.
J. Starr Advertising Inc.
DMS Communications Inc.
Goodrich Marketing and Consulting
Kelly Advertising Group

The Landers Group Inc

DC Advertising
North Star Promotions
Johnson Marketing Insights
WRS Promotions
Apex Marketing and Promotions
Empire Marketing
DeFrancesco Acquisitions Inc.
Executive Marketing Concepts Inc.
BMK Marketing Group Inc.
TMP Marketing Group Inc.
I.M.G. Inc.

GQ Imports
Sunodia International Inc.
Executive Advertising Inc.

Company 5

references: http://suckerswanted.blogspot.com/2007/04/aegis-capital-group-impostors.html

Aegis Capital Group LLC – A real company that scammers are using to scam the unsuspecting


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